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Sediment management

Sediment management: design, monitoring and plan implementation for Enel Production

CESI, as a member of ITCOLD, the Italian National Committee for large dams, has wide experience in consultancy and support services for managing sediment in Italian hydroelectric reservoirs, maintaining and restoring storage volume and ensuring the proper operation of outlets and intakes, in accordance with D.Lgs 152/06, DM 30/06/04 and regional legislation.

CESI also prepares and executes environmental monitoring plans related to hydroelectric activities, including:

  • Evaluation of sediment volume
  • Sediment quality assessment
  • Evaluating sediment removal activities: draining, dredging, mechanical removal, flushing
  • Preliminary feasibility studies of sediment quality, hydropower plant performance, potential critical issues
  • Assessment of reservoir management and operational plans
  • Monitoring water quality in the reservoir and downstream
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Environmental assessment
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Dam Monitoring and Dam inspections
Marine and hydropower sediment management
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