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Asset Management system for HV lines in Italy

Development of an asset management system for condition-based maintenance of high voltage network substations and lines for Italian TSO.

In 2000, Terna started developing an innovative operational information system that exploits a range of information sources within the company to optimise the maintenance, renewal and replacement of substation components and connection lines.

Using a monitoring and business intelligence (MBI) system, Terna manages the maintenance of more than 840 power stations and 72,000 km of power lines using a condition-based maintenance (CBM) approach.
CESI was selected as technical consultant for the project and carried out the following services:

  • Advising Terna on the specification of an asset management system for HV substations and lines
  • Defining the Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) approach for HV components
  • Specification of MBI, a computer-based asset management system implementing CBM techniques to Terna assets
  • Implementation of MBI software architecture
  • Implementation of maintenance models, including the technical/economic rules governing the CBM approach
  • Implementation of software tools running on mobile devices to support technicians during field inspections
  • MBI integration with existing Terna systems (SAP, SCTI, SMDR, ANTENORE, SAS)
  • Commissioning MBI system throughout the Terna network
  • Technical assistance and supporting in operation and maintenance of MBI
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