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Chile | Site Remediation | Conventional PP
Design project for gas-fulled power plant
Basic design project for automated well system at the San Isidro gas-fuelled power plant in Atacama, Chile
Argentina | Chile | Colombia | Peru | Spain | Site Remediation | Conventional PP
Environmental site assessment in the South of America
Environmental site assessment at power plants in Spain, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Peru and Brazil for Enel Power Generation
Consulting services for four dams in Chile
Chile | Civil Studies | Hydropower
Consulting services for four dams in Chile
Consulting services for four dams in Chile
Chile | Environmental & Sustainability Studies | Conventional PP
Environmental studies at Bocamina power plant
Environmental studies for environmental assessment for air, water and soil quality at of Bocamina coal-fired power plant, for Endesa Chile.
Chile | Peru | Environmental & Sustainability Studies
Environmental feasibility study between Chile and Peru
Environmental feasibility study for power interconnection between Chile and Peru, for Enel