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Oman | Environmental & Sustainability Studies | Solar | Wind
Renewables projects for the Oman
High level environmental risk assessment for renewables projects for the Oman Oil Company.
Italy | Environmental & Sustainability Studies | Industrial Plants
Product category rules (PCR) and environmental product declaration (EPD) for power transformers for Tamini
Chile | Environmental & Sustainability Studies | Conventional PP
Environmental studies at Bocamina power plant
Environmental studies for environmental assessment for air, water and soil quality at of Bocamina coal-fired power plant, for Endesa Chile.
Italy | Environmental & Sustainability Studies | Conventional PP
More than 20 environmental feasibility
More than 20 environmental feasibility, alternative assessment, siting and routing studies in the past decade
Environmental & Sustainability Studies | Solar
Assessment for floating photovoltaic
Development of guidelines for a high-level feasibility assessment for floating photovoltaic, for Enel Green Power
Jordan | Environmental & Sustainability Studies | Distribution Infrastructures
NEPCO Green Corridor impact assessment
NEPCO Green Corridor – OHTLs 400 kV and 132 kV high-risk areas impact assessment for the National Electric Power Company, Jordan.