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Enhanced biotreatment pilot project
Italy | Site Remediation | Conventional PP
Enhanced biotreatment pilot project
Enhanced biotreatment pilot project and full-scale site remediation project at Piombino power plant for Enel Power Generation
Colombia | Site Remediation | Conventional PP
Feasibility study at the Termozipa power plant
Feasibility study and basic design project for coal ash remediation at the Termozipa power plant in Colombia
Chile | Site Remediation | Conventional PP
Design project for gas-fulled power plant
Basic design project for automated well system at the San Isidro gas-fuelled power plant in Atacama, Chile
Italy | Site Remediation | Conventional PP
Remediation of Pietrafitta mining area
Feasibility study and front end engineering design to remediate Pietrafitta mining area for Enel Power Generation
Italy | Site Remediation | Conventional PP
Remediation project at Alanno dam
Soil, groundwater and sediment analysis and design of remediation project at Alanno dam area for Enel green Power
Argentina | Chile | Colombia | Peru | Spain | Site Remediation | Conventional PP
Environmental site assessment in the South of America
Environmental site assessment at power plants in Spain, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Peru and Brazil for Enel Power Generation