Whether you are revamping existing infrastructure or developing new projects, the first step is a network assessment where the current operating model of a network is examined and documented from the perspective of the components deployed, the network topology and the operating processes. 

This will create a baseline to establish key performance indicators, which can then be used for comparison against industry best practices. This comparison will be the basis for creating technical specifications. CESI can help you design new network infrastructures, with reference to:

  • Grid topology to reduce losses and operational costs, while increasing reliability indexes
  • Protection systems to prevent electrical faults from cascading across the network and to localise the effects of individual faults
  • Asset management to monitor devices and components that comprise the electric grid, to prompt timely maintenance cycles and provide support for operational staff involved in the day-to-day running of the network
  • SCADA and energy management systems to ascertain the current status of the network and manage real-time operations safely and efficiently, using analytics and advanced algorithms.