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Water quality trading

​On the international scene, USA area has undertook the first experience about the program exchange of credits in water quality mode can-and-trade in 2009. Now 32 States have established "trading programs" and/or "state policies" on the matter and no. 2 "inter-state trading  projects".

Outside of the United States are currently reported N. 9 "trading programs", of which no. 1 in Europe (the Netherlands) and no. 3 "Comparative International Studies."

CESI sustains the possibility to define a national program for water quality credit trading - between companies within the same river basin district - as a support to the quantitative  and quality objectives of water bodies provided for by the EU Directive 2000/60 (Water Framework Directive - WFD).

The companies in the program can buy or sell credits of water quality within the limits - the cap - defined by the Plan refers to the district area (cap-and-trade). Units of water quality can be exchanged at national level between districts more and less virtuous one.

Put a price on the shares of water quality, as experience taught in the trading of CO2, it could lead to a widespread commitment to the improvement of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the resource and environmental systems connected to it.

It is therefore necessary to define a path for the implementation of the program:

  • Identification of an entity in charge of the management of environmental credits
  • Identification of a set of quality parameters of the system
  • Definition of units of entry: the person in charge of the program shall specify for each parameter included in the project, an entry in line with the global annual quality objectives.
  • This assessment is expressed the severity of the operation environment.

  • Creating a register of units of entry
  • Creation of a system of self-control entries
  • Adoption of mechanisms to ensure that no violation of the law
  • Incentive

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