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Senior Expert / Project Leader

02 . Feb . 2022
Position Code
Energy consultants
Place of Work
Milan - Italy
Our Experience

CESI has been involved for decades in consultancy services related to power systems planning and operational studies. CESI Principal Consultants are used to perform advanced large scale simulations of electrical transmission systems for various clients, such as transmission providers and system operators, as well as to develop advanced solutions for safe and reliable power system operations. CESI carried out outstanding activities all over the world from Italy to China, Europe, South America, North America and Middle East. CESI skills and experience are worldwide recognized having worked on behalf of the most important Transmission System Operators and International Investors.

Team and location

In this framework CESI is seeking an experienced, industry-known professional with a proven track record of consulting services delivering leading-edge power system analytics and engineering. As Team Leader / Senior Expert the candidate will be part of our team that works on planning and operational network studies. After a first period of integration and familiarization with our methodology and approach in the Headquarters in Milan, the business activity will also require the availability of periods abroad the duration of which can be in the range from few days to few weeks.

Job description

The candidate shall have advanced and well proven knowledge of the electrical power system modeling and static/dynamic behavior and shall also be acquainted on the application of the most common software tools for network modeling (e.g. mainly PSSE and DigSilent and their libraries/modules, but also Neplan, Etap or equivalent). He will have to perform simulation and analysis of complex power system steady state and dynamic behavior, develop mathematical models for reliability assessment of electrical networks, and deliver technical consulting/training services. In addition he will have to lead teams of study engineers in execution of consulting projects; provide critical technical guidance to team members. Support will be required also to generate consulting proposals, deliver consulting services and perform project management functions all as per CESI quality standards, creating technical reports documenting study process and results. The candidate shall directly interact with the clients and shall guarantee the excellence of the delivery in full compliance with the technical and economic targets of the project. For the execution of the projects, the candidate will coordinate the activities of junior engineers.

Skills: Extensive knowledge of transmission system planning and system reliability assessment, with experience in transfer capability analysis, optimal power flow analysis, steady state and stability analysis, as well as transmission expansion planning. Demonstrated expertise in development of dynamic simulation models, including models for advanced power systems technologies, such as renewable energy, FACTS and energy storage systems. Expertise in transient and voltage stability analysis, including reactive power planning. Expertise in using PSSE and DigSilent and other products in their libraries/modules, as well as Neplan and Etap tools. Strong communication skills, including strong written English language skills.

What Cesi is looking for

Education Level: Master degree in Electrical Engineering


Managerial skills:

  • Optimization of internal and external resources,
  • Project coordination and scheduling,
  • Flexibility to lead consultancy in very different counties,
  • Capability to interact with the client.

Technical skills:

  • Main methodologies for planning and operational studies (static – e.g. load-flow, reliability, short-circuit, …; dynamic – e.g. VSA, TSA, DSA, SSSA, …);
  • Software tools for network modeling (e.g. PSSE and DigSilent and related libraries/modules, Neplan and Etap or equivalent);
  • Strong computer programming skills including proficiency in C, FORTRAN, Python and MATLAB;
  • Experience in power system course instruction.


Languages: English, Italian. Fluency in English is required. The knowledge of other foreign languages will be considered a plus, particularly Spanish, French or Arabic.

Years of Experience: At least 15 years of successful power engineering and/or consulting experience. Proven track record of leadership performance

What Cesi is offering

A challenging job in a dynamic and international environment focused in shaping the future of energy. The position is rewarded appropriately.