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The Code of Ethics,originally adopted in 2002, was updated on the 15 December 2009 in line with the new regulations and the evolution of best practice.
The document defines principles and values inspiring the entire Company organization:

  • respect for the laws of the countries in which CESI operates;
  • rejection and condemnation of unlawful and improper conduct;
  • prevention of violations of law, transparency and loyalty;
  • search for excellence and competitiveness on the market;
  • respect for, protection and appreciation of human resources;
  • pursuit of sustainable development respecting safety and environment.

The Code of Ethics defines the socio-ethical responsibilities of each component of the Company's organization.
In particular, it illustrates the ethical and social responsibilities of directors, auditors, proxies, employees, collaborators, partners, agents, consultants, professionals, suppliers and, more generally, any person operating in the name and/or on behalf of CESI with correct and proper conduct towards all stakeholders. CESI





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