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Power generation and industry

CESI offers solutions and products that are able to increase the competitiveness, products quality, process innovation, plant security and environmental compliance of its clients. The range of solutions dedicated to generation plants includes.
With its management and technical consulting, CESI provides services for generation plants in all phases:

  • Assistance in procurement, such as specifications and tendering procedures, including technical and economic evaluation of offers
  • Inspection Reports and/or Inspection Certificates, issued by CESI as Inspection Body accredited by ACCREDIA according to the Standard ISO/IEC 17020 
  • Operation & Maintenance activity, with particular emphasis on the Asset Management
  • Efficient Management Systems
  • On field inspection
  • CESI plays a key-role in the field of the hydroelectric power plants, from the inspections for monitoring advice, geotechnical investigations, hydraulic and hydro-dynamic tests on site, up to structural finite element numerical modeling both for static and dynamic safety checks. Plan, design and technical support to construction for power plants and real time monitoring applications are by far our best expertise.​​​​​​​​​


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