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Public Institutions & regulators

By drawing on our private sector experience, we work to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of Public Institutions, enabling them to better fulfill their mission to the public. 

Public Institutions are among the most complex organizations in nearly every country in the world. They often are large, have multiple objectives, and face increasing demands to deliver more services at a lower cost.


EJ's news issue: looking ahead

​The last issue of Energy Journal opens a window on the future of the electricity [...]


CESI consultant for the Omani Electricity Authority

​The Authority for Electricity Regulation, Oman has appointed CESI FZE as their [...]


2016 CESI Convention: Energy, what's next?

​Some of the most important players have discussed  about it during the 2016 [...]


Dissesto Idrogeologico: Forum 2016

Le infrastrutture come telaio diagnostico per monitorare il territorio   Giovedì [...]


Ismes on Tg1 about monuments’ monitoring

​On May 16, Tg1, the most watched Italian newscast, broadcasted during its prime [...]


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